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Cheap Panels

Just bought 6KW of Longi 380W panels at $.52/W. A1Solar Store. Ground mount with micro inverters. It's more than what I actually need at the moment but will insure that I can fully charge the battery bank even in the winter. The ground mount will end costing nearly as much as the panels, Microinverters ended up being nearly as cheap as a string inverter and I don't have to deal with DC HV. With SDG&E's rates, the payback is only a few years even if I give away half of the production to SDG&E. IF SDG&E keeps raising their rates as I think they will, payback might only take 3-4 years. If I can convince my wife to give up her Subaru Outback for an EV then I'll need the extra PV anyway and the payback period will be only a couple of years.
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