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Re: The “range–extended” EV (BEVx) considered

Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:14 pm

I wonder what ever happened to the EP Tender, the Pru and the eBuggy. I know, some of these were being priced more than a Chevy Sonic or a VW Jetta. And some of these burned fuel which would seem contrary to the whole idea of buying a BEV in the first place. But it was a cool idea IMO. I wish it hadn't vanished like it did.
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Re: The “range–extended” EV (BEVx) considered

Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:46 am

No technical details, but the fact that a major vehicle manufacturer and parts supplier may have a FCREEV system production ready is big news:

Magna shopping its hydrogen fuel-cell range extender for EVs

VANCOUVER – Magna International is offering a solution to one of the main knocks against battery-electric vehicles – the time it takes to recharge on long trips.

The Canadian auto-parts giant is shopping around a hydrogen fuel-cell platform as a range extender for battery EVs. It first revealed the fuel cell range-extended electric vehicle (FCREEV) in March at the Geneva auto show.

The system was developed at the Magna Steyr Engineering facility in Graz, Austria, in partnership with fuel-cell developer Proton Motor of Germany and two Austrian research institutes, with funding from the Austrian government...

The fuel-cell range extender vehicle addresses the main criticism of battery EVs as long-range zero-emission vehicles.

For example, Bartlok explained, a 700-kilometre drive between Vienna and Stuttgart, Germany normally takes about seven hours. Assuming fast-charging facilities are available en route, a battery EV would need up to 10.5 hours.

But the all-wheel-drive FCREEV would add only 15 minutes to the journey if it needs one hydrogen refuelling stop, Bartlok said. If no refuelling facility is available, it could fall back on battery fast-charging... ... er-for-evs

A likely potential customer would be Jaguar, which has already contracted out I-PACE production to Magna Steyr:

Jaguar I-PACE BESUV available 2018

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Re: The “range–extended” EV (BEVx) considered

Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:17 am

edatoakrun wrote:No technical details


The Canadian auto-parts giant is

fuel-cell range extender ... er-for-evs


Even an E85 fuel cell would be better

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