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Re: 2018 Leaf buy or lease

Tue May 15, 2018 10:48 pm

I just bought a 2018 SV with tech pkg and weather pkg this afternoon. The lease offer was not good compared to purchasing if you have enough federal tax liability to take advantage of the $7500 credit.

Negotiated about a $5000 discount AND I get the $7500 tax credit.

The lease deal only reduced price by about $2400 and required an aqusision fee, end of lease disposition fee and since I will pay off the loan then no interest or money factor to be concerned with.

This works for me because I have the cash and don’t need to be concerned about how much a month.

Plus I get a Leaf with about twice the usable range compared to my 15 SL.

My other option was to purchase a Tesla 3 since my 2 year wait since I put a deposit in came up last week. Tesla only offers the $48000 version at this time with no discounts.

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