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Re: Smart Plugs

Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:16 pm

GerryAZ wrote:The Juiceplug looks very interesting except for the "indoor use" recommendation (which is strange since most J1772 plugs are rated for outdoor use.

If using a 120-volt "smart plug" to control the standard Nissan EVSE, you need to be aware that the internal switching contacts may not last very long if it is frequently used to interrupt charging because the contacts will be interrupting 12 amperes. It should last a long time if just used to start charging because it will not interrupt high currents. The plugs are probably intended to switch light loads such as lighting, computers, TV, etc. that only draw a few amperes.

The highest quality ones advertise space heaters and other high wattage items that can draw 12-15 amps at 1800 watts. There are many out there that handle less are are meant for lamps and other misc items. Would never recommend putting a TV or computer on a smart plug, however.

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