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Make timer on/off controls more accessible

Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:55 pm

The LEAF's two charging timers, for me, are a good fit with the two main ways I use the car on any given day: either for short local errands, or for long-distance trips (probably involving QCs en route). I've got my LEAF's Timer #1 set up to charge for just one hour at the cheapest time; enough to cover one or two days' errands. Timer #2 is set up to hit 100% charge just before a morning departure. Both timers are enabled for every day of the week, so all I need to do, if anything, to prepare for the next day's driving is to turn the appropriate timer ON, and the other OFF.

The issue:
The 2018 LEAF's menus for manipulating these timer ON/OFF controls are buried inside the specific setup submenus for Timer1 and Timer2. The higher-level menu governing both timers should provide a way to turn them on or off, without needing to drill down any further.

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