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Re: iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:46 pm

spike wrote:I didn't get a owners manual but this is an X model... with the big head unit, cruise control etc... Do make Leafs with out TPS? I thought that would be needed for other things? This car does have a collision detection feature that beeps at you if you about to hit something...

You could try lowering the pressure in one tire and see if you get a dash tire warning message. If you do then you must have TPMS if not then you don't.

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Re: iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:50 pm

I want to buy a 2018 Leaf, but the car will be parked directly outside of the bedroom window and I leave early in the morning, before the wide is awake...
During an extended test drive, I found that to remove the charging cable, I need to either press the button on the fob, or the one in the car, to release the locking pin from the cable. When I do this, the car emits three loud beeps, which woke my wife :(

Therefore the only way I'm allowed to buy the car, will be if I can disable the beeps -
I've read that Leaf Spy is able to disable the charge port opening beep, but need to confirm that this is the same beep and it can definitely be disabled on a 2018 Leaf.

Please can someone advise?

My other thought was to make the hole in the type 2 plug, a slot, and then just pull the cable out - but I'm not sure how the car would react to this - if anyone has ever done this, please let me know.


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