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Re: 2016 30 kWh Battery data

Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:22 pm

Another month has rolled by and I just cleared 36000 miles this afternoon. I've lost a few more GID's. As of Nov 1, I have 262 GID's at full charge. SOH=72.27% Hx=62.68% Odo=35889 mi. 62 QC, 670 L1/L2s. I lost 6 GID's last month compared to 5 GID's during the same time last year. I'm down two bars and if the numbers from Nissan are right I'll lose the third bar (70%)in December and the fourth bar (63%) around April at about 45000 miles. At that point I'll be down to 66 miles total range with a 55 mile commute. Also my No Charge to Charge expires on Dec 14, 2017 so I'll have to pay for charging a crappy battery nearly every day at a public station just to be able to get home safely.
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Re: 2016 30 kWh Battery data

Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:30 am

JTim wrote:
JTim wrote:
JTim wrote:Leaf SV 30 kWh purchased 12/10/15, Delivered 12/16/15
Leaf spy results 1/28/16 (took forever to find an ELM that worked)

Odo=13 (at delivery), 547 (current), first trip of 103 miles (with two charge bars remaining, used over a week) 1/20/16
3 QC (the dealer must have done the first two), 13 L1/L2 (one charging event for 5 minutes to test new 240 outlet, all others prior to 1/28/16 were overnight L1).

Couldn't get a picture of the battery balancing bars on screen 1 for some reason, but I they look really out of whack (to me) so cells may be unbalanced.

update, not noted in original:

370.11 V
GIDs 354

average kW= 4.5

L1/L2 =13
QC = 3

GIDs 327, AR 71.55

Update 1/28/17 (1 year anniversary of 1st Leaf Spy check)

ODO 5,593 (Not noted in original post, ODO ODO 571.7)
SOH=83% (370.24V)
QC=10, L1/L2=112

First battery capacity bar gone, 3/17/17
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Manufacture date from inside car door is 10/15 *NOT* 2016 as I originally posted

ODO 6,084
10 QC / 139 L1/L2

Charging habits: mostly from 20% to 80%, a few to 100%, from memory, 2 QCs in 97-degree temperatures, one or three times car sat more than 4 hours at 100% charge in the heat, and maybe twice (from memory) at 95% charge more than 12 hours (in a garage -- those times I misjudged thinking it would be a busy day, so fully charged ran short errands, car got to 95% at about 3pm, then sat that way until the next morning).

2nd bar lost [10 Battery Capacity Bars Remaining]

ODO 10,367
Ah=54.54 (climbed to 58.25 after driving)
14 QCs, 276 L1/L2 [10 Capacity Bars]

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Man. Date: 12/15
Delivered 12-16-2015
Glacier White, 2016 SV, 30 kwh

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