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Re: EV newbie, still shopping but I love the leaf!

Thu May 18, 2017 1:43 pm

Buy while EVs are cheap. Gas will go back up in the long run at some point and some of your money will be recovered.

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Re: EV newbie, still shopping but I love the leaf!

Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:49 pm

Man....Rocky Mountain power just did the $10,000 discount deal with Nissan (like many other utilities have) and I thought I could do a lease on a brand new Leaf for $17,500 less than the original price. Alas, it only applies to a purchase, not a lease.
As I'm trying to figure out these payments and see if I can get a good deal (I wish I lived in Colorado or that Utah would match CO in the $5000 state incentive!) the sales guy starts showing me used models. That's all fine and dandy, I'm all in for a good deal on a used 16 and I told him I need the 30kWh car because of the 80 mile commute I have. He tried to tell me I could do the commute in a 24kWh car as long as I could charge at both ends. I told him I can't do the drive in the winter in a 24kWh car without L2 charging at both ends and he insisted that I can because he has customers that live in Stansbury park (about 6 miles closer to the city than me) that use their cars with only L1 charging at work.
A-they have a 12-14 mile shorter commute than I do.
B-if they work right in Salt Lake, they are another 10-12 miles closer to work than I am.
C- 55-60 miles of range in the winter with MAYBE an additional 10-15 miles (from L1 charging for 10 hours) will not make my 80 mile commute.

No wonder so many people were so unhappy with these cars. They were WAY oversold on what they could expect from both the car and the charging capability on L1 charging.

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