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Re: What about "frozen" batteries?

Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:55 pm

evnow wrote:
Norway wrote:Does anybody know how the batteries perform in -20 degrees Celcuis / -4 degrees Fahrenheit?

Is there a heating system (maybe incorporated with the fan, or as heating cables) which heat the batteries, or is this not necessary?

Yes, Nissan is coming up with a "cold weather spec" Leaf. It will have battery heating. Check the "Battery design" thread.

I found it in the "Later in 2011 : Leaf will come in Cold Weather Spec"-thread! Thank you!

The bad news part of it is that I'll have to wait for next year before I can buy a Leaf, as the ones sold in the Netherland and Portugal will not have the cold weather spec! :cry:

I think I'll have to do unmentionable things to the local Nissan dealer to make them import the car quickly! :twisted:
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