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Removing battery shroud to improve battery cooling on the 2018 Leaf

Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:38 am

The 2018 Leaf battery pack has a shroud under it that fits tightly to the chassis. This shroud improves aerodynamics of the car, provides some protection for the battery pack against road debris and provides some insulation to keep the battery warn during winter but it also prevents air flow to the battery pack for cooling and traps heat. It makes sense that better battery cooling on long trips, resulting in faster charging times, could be achieved if the shroud is removed.

I have not removed the shroud and tested to see how running around without the shroud affects battery cooling but, with as many Leafs as there are on the road, there must be at least a few running around without the shroud. Can anyone report any experience running around without the shroud? Was there any noticeable difference in battery cooling?
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Re: Removing battery shroud to improve battery cooling on the 2018 Leaf

Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:16 pm

Removing the shroud to test the increased cooling is a good start, but the ultimate goal might better be to incorporate adjustable air intake scoops at the front of the shroud, so the cooling can be easily enhanced in hot weather, and reduced in cold. Also keep in mind that in some cases more airflow will mean more heating instead of more cooling, if the ambient air temp is above the battery temp. I'm keeping my 2018 SL in a cooled (at night) garage, so I actually want as little airflow over the cool battery in Hot weather as possible, at least on short trip.
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