Vehicle For Sale 1 owner 39,000 mile 2012 SV in Cayenne Red. Can deliver.

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Vehicle For Sale


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Oct 18, 2016
Suburban Washington DC

I have 200 more photos in an album at:

Priced at $5,000 which drops to $3,500 with the 30% instant federal tax credit rebate for qualified U.S. buyers (excluding Maryland residents). I'm in the process of getting registered with the IRS to be able to offer that rebate. Located in the Washington DC area and may be able to deliver for $50+35 cents a mile up to about 1,000 miles away.

Car has 8 bars on the battery condition gauge and shows 65-70 miles range after charging. It's fully equipped with the fast charging port, back up camera, solar panel, fog lights, factory charging cable with 120 and 240 volt adapters. The car has been fully checked out and serviced with over $1,500 worth of new or recent parts and service including Bosch cabin filter, Nissan 12 volt battery, Nissan front brake pads and rotors, Nissan rear brake pads and rotors, Valvoline Dot 4 brake fluid change, 4-wheel alignment, Nissan coolant change, Nissan transmission fluid (reduction gear oil) change. It has two General and two Bridgestone tires with very good tread.

It runs and drives excellent. The steering wheel is on dead center going down the road with no shakes or vibrations at speed, the brakes are firm with no pedal pulsations or pulling to one side when stopping, the suspension is tight and the a/c blows cold. It's finished in beautiful Cayenne Red metallic paint that has just been iron deconed, clayed, polished and topped with sealant for a brilliant high gloss shine. The only cosmetic issues are numerous small dents on the roof but they aren't too noticeable unless you are looking down at the roof from above. The interior is very clean as well although the light color mouse fur upholstery shows dirt more, especially on the drivers door armrest.

The car comes with the original owner title and has a clean Carfax. I'll have a webpage with full details on the car soon. Until then you can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.