11 year 8 month old leaf finally dead

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Apr 16, 2012
Lenexa KS (Kansas City)
Well, it took 11 years, 8 months for my 2012 Leaf to die an undramatic death. My son brought it home from work and plugged it in and boom, no charging. So, after losing 7 of the 12 capacity bars, the third Leaf in Kansas is finally dead. Troubleshooting says it's the on board charger. Which research says $3k repair, which for a 7 bar looser is way too expensive. There's body damage from my younger son using it and scraping against a concrete pillar. Then a lot of rust along the running board. So it just doesn't make sense to do a battery replacement. Since I'm working from home now I don't really need a car so it's going to be a long time, if ever, for a new EV. I still have dreams that the Aptera will actually come to market.

Best of luck to everyone.
My son brought it home from work and plugged it in and boom, no charging.
Did it actually made an exploding sound, such as a popped capacitor, or was that boom just for dramatic effect?

Don't give up too easily.

The on-board charger, OBC, is located behind the rear seat and is fairly easy to access and remove the cover to make a visual examination. Many OBC have been repaired, lots of parts info and schematics are available online.
There's also a well know diode issue which, if the diagnostic procedure confirms, is easily repaired by installing a new inline diode near the charging port.

Here's how to diagnose the issue: