1st-gen DRLs using "angel eye" LED fog lights

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Sep 20, 2017
Washington, D.C. Metro
This was an upgrade to the LED bar style DRLs that I'd installed per this thread. The LEDs were starting to fail and I wasn't thrilled with the visibility from the get-go. My solution was "angel eye" LED fog lights from AliExpress installed into factory fog light brackets. I think they work better as DRLs and improve the appearance of the car slightly. Total cost was about $100 excluding the fog light harness and the existing DRL wiring per the above-linked thread. (I probably could have pared this down a bit more by being smarter about local dealer pickup vs. shipping.)

Note: I had intended to wire up the fog lights themselves, but discovered that feeding the harness through the firewall to the left side of the steering wheel (LHD) was going to be a pain. Maybe I'll get around to it someday.

Note 2: I have an SV and I'd assume it would be the same for an S. For an SL, the LED fogs could replace the factory halogens. The fog light wiring should be plug and play, only necessitating DRL wiring.


Factory brackets
Left: 269153NA0A
Right: 269103NA0A

Clip: bracket to bumper cover (2)

Screw: lamp to bracket (6)

Speed nut: bumper cover (2)

Bolt: bumper cover to bracket (2)

LED Angel Eye Fog Lights

Installation Notes
  • I was able to install the brackets and lights by only removing the belly pan. The car was on ramps.
  • I recommend cutting out the blanks in the bumper cover from the back side to avoid nicking the paint and to ensure that the hole is big enough. A utility knife worked fine.