2018 getting a new battery under warranty. Now what?

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- Leave the car plugged, but with charge session off.
I just realized that this is the equivalent of unplugging the car. I think the car has no way of turning the EVSE back on. The only way the car controls the EVSE is either with its timers, or when it reaches 100%, and in both cases the EVSE session has to be ON.

And I have yet to confirm the car will use power from the EVSE for heating when the charge timer is on...

The more I think about it, the more I find the EVSE remote session control completely useless...
I have seen an interview with a guy who owns a large EV repair shop in Croatia. He said that the worst thing you can do is to either charge or discharge the battery outside of its 'feelgood temperature', which also means that one should drive carefully and prevent hard acceleration as long as the battery is cold. He also said that it is not good to charge the battery slowly at freezing temperatures, as the cells will not heat up to that feelgood temperature when charged only with a few kilowatts.