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I just talked with a car audio shop in town and he thinks that adding a higher power amp to a Leaf can cause some problems. I have a 1500 watt amp and a single 12" sub, but he didn't even give me a quote to install the amp since he wasn't sure how it would affect the battery/charging. I saw that one of you installed a 1000 watt amp... how has that affected your cars electronic system and/or charging?
I've added two amps (approximately 3k watts RMS) using a 1/0 power wire into a 300A fuse, There are a lot of factors that can go into figuring out what will happen but in my case I haven't had an issue. Most amps won't pull near as much current due to program material versus pure tones, but you should be fine as long as you don't run the amp wide open all the time.
lashlee said:
I haven't looked into the wiring, but the H/U in the SL like I have actually sends a low level signal out of the H/U to the OEM amp. I tested my car with an oscilloscope and a DMM, then RTA'd the signal to see its flat, clean and unclipped 3.6v output. I found a harness that I had to repin at the OEM amp and I'll use that to feed the signal to my processor and two five channel amps. Plug and play and as good as an aftermarket with all of the OEM perks.

Hi, I want to upgrade My subwoofer (I have the Bose system in My 2018 40kwh). Do you have diagram, picture or something to show which cable sends the low level signal? I have tried Google but can't find any info. Because I want to do that solutions you are talking about since its the least work and also the best signal for bass.

Best regards, flamur