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Congrats on your negotiating skills.

My lease is up in December and my dealer called asking about my intentions. I had already checked their website and knew they did not have any Leafs and was pleased they he was up front about their situation. They are largest Leaf dealer in CO and everything is presold that they are likely to receive by the end of the year.

Dealer gave me a number to call at Nissan Finance and they extended my $85 a month lease for 3 months. That will allow the dust to settle on tax credits and maybe free up some supply. In a way, I hope the price of gas stays up and the orders keep rolling in, even if it does not help my situation.

We may end up buying the 2020, not sure. Might also upgrade to the 23plus. Our first lease so I will be interested to see what happens with the damage assessment prior to lease ending. Not sure why but there are lots of little scratches in the paint on the hood. Other than that, it is in good shape.

At any rate, the ongoing changes in the technology is a challenge to me as I historically buy used Toyotas and then drive them until they drop. It has been a very low cost way to drive/
Flyct said:
I just signed a buyers order for a 2023 SV Plus that’s already built and it’s inTransit, expected to arrived in 9/26. I put a refundable deposit on it to lock it in.

The deal is $9,500 out the door, plus my 2020 SL Plus. I verified in government site that the vin is eligible for full $7,500 Tax credit so my net is $2,000 for a 3 year newer model year with fresh warranty.

Another local dealer wanted $18,750 plus my trade.

I cancelled the above deal and found another SV+ to buy at a closer dealership. The deal was better.

2023 SV PlusPearl White
MSRP is $38,255
Bought it for $8,034 out the door plus my trade, which included a $500 military incentive
I put the $1,000 deposit and $5,000 on a credit card to get $90 in points (1.5%). $5,000 was dealer limit on credit card. I wrote a check for $2,034 at delivery. So $1,000. + $5,000 + $2,034 =$8,034.

After all fees, taxes, $500 incentives, $90 in credit card points and $7,500 tax credit the new car will only cost me $444 net. Not bad at all for a 3 model year newer leaf.