2020 SV accelerates on its own

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Oct 24, 2021
First, been driving my 2020 SV for nearly 8,000 km and I love it -- been an absolute blast.

However, today after coming to a stop and then proceeding to accelerate onto a highway my Leaf continued to speed up on its own even after I'd taken my foot off the accelerator. It seemed to hold at around 125 km/hr, but this was without cruise control on. Had the e-Pedal engaged, too, and that didn't slow me down either. Tested it for the next 45 min on my highway drive, and found that it picked random speeds to hold at -- sometimes 10 km/hr below the speed limit, sometimes 25 km/hr above the speed limit.

I managed to get home in the city, with A LOT of braking (again, with the e-Pedal engaged), and will be taking it into the shop first thing tomorrow. But I wanted to see if anyone had a similar issue, and warn other owners this could happen to them.
Stepping on the brake should cut power to the motor, and switch it to regenerate mode. I've never seen a report of an EV behaving as you just described...
My guess, one of the two potentiometers is malfunctioning in the pedal, first I've heard about it in the wild. I would certainly have it fixed under warranty.