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Back in late summer 2019, EVGo and Nissan made a big deal about how they were partnering to expand EVGo stations and upgrade them to at least 100 kW. This plan seems to have been quietly abandoned as there have been no subsequent announcements and besides a handful of stations around DC and the Bay Area, most of the network is still 50 kW. This is a major disappointment because the Leaf Plus is almost two years old now and the “100 kW charging capability” is basically unusable in the real world.

That being said, the 50 kW EVGo network along the Bos-Wash corridor has been consistently reliable for me in the almost two years that I’ve been making trips up and down the east coast. I’ve taken my Leaf as far south as Charlottesville, VA and as far north as northern NH and VT and 99% of my charging stops at EVGo stations have been no BS experiences. When I have a choice between an EVGo station with four to six 50 kW plugs that I’ve used before dozens of times and which have been thoughtfully placed 100 yards from any store entrances vs an EA station that’s twenty feet from the entrance to a crowded Walmart, has only one chademo plug to begin with, and will probably be broken or ICE’d anyway, I almost always choose EVGo even though this makes the charging stop 10-15 minutes longer. This may change of course over the next few years if there’s disinvestment on EVGo’s part in maintaining their own chademo infrastructure.
Of the couple https://drivethearc.com/ (which are also EVgo locations) DC FCs I use on a regular basis (the CCS side), their reliability has been pretty hit or miss. Sometimes both chargers at a location are working. Sometimes, one is definitely broken and I've called EVgo to report. At one location, more than once have I encountered both being broken. Sometimes, I've had forewarning due to Plugshare reports but went to try anyway.

https://www.plugshare.com/location/180725 is a puzzler as there are 3 dual-standard DC FCs there but only one is on DTA. The other two aren't. The one on DTA was broken for quite awhile. I've only gone to that location once.

There's an EVgo station (not on DTA) kinda near home and its Plugshare reports are pretty mixed. I don't use it since EVgo's expensive. I'd much rather use a nearby 19 cent/kWh DC FC that is usually working or free/discounted charging from DTA.
DougWantsALeaf said:
Well as of right now between Leaf, Outlander, Tesla with Adapter, handfulls of others, Chademo is still half the US market...though that will change at an accelerating pace in 2021 with the new larger volume models.

You mangle reality like the LEAF shill.
Change 'Tesla with adapter' to 'Tesla owners who own the CHAdeMO adapter and use it at least twice a year' and you are at LEAF + rounding error.

And of course the LEAF population in the US that are active users of CHAdeMO varies widely by car battery size.
How many 40 kWh LEAFs have been sold in the US ?
How many 62 kWh LEAFs ? 5 - 10 thousand ?
CHAdeMO is a heavier duty connector with more secure latches and larger high current contacts, but it will fade away as more and more cars use CCS. Much like the Beta vs. VHS fight for video recording years ago, the popular one will become the defacto standard while the technically superior one fades away. Numerous CHAdeMO stations that I used with the 2015 around Phoenix have quietly faded away. My anticipation of the loss of stations as time moves on factored in to my decision to replace the 2015 with a longer range EV. Since the 2019 SL Plus will easily handle round trips across the Phoenix area even with significant battery deterioration, it will meet my daily driving needs for a long time without needing to use DCQC. I have other vehicles for long trips (4X4s for off road driving and trailer towing or motorcycles for exploring back roads).
DougWantsALeaf said:
Fully agree.

While the Leaf is what brought me to Nissan, it (or lack of investment there in) is likely also what will drive me away. It should be carrying an msrp of 30K for the Plus in current form. Maybe 25K for the non-Plus.

I understand the focus on Ariya, given limited resources, and declining positioning in their key markets. That said, they still have good global brand awareness, and it wouldn't take more than a handful of changes to keep some excitement up with the Leaf. Push up range 10 miles, add rear fans, something..

I was talking to my local dealer a couple weeks back, and the Intel they have is that Ariya doesn't come to the states until mid 2022. Everything early is going to Europe. On an odd silver lining, that will help insure Leaf stays on here for at least 2 more Model years ( maybe more). Leaf is in something like 69 markets globally, so even with Ariya, they are likely to continue the car for a whole in this other markets where there isn't mich choice right now. My hope is that they made 2021 the same for an early 2022 refresh, but I will keep dreaming.

Guessing Nissan is still facing internal politics impeding its ability to move forward.

We already know Ariya for Europe are going to be built in Japan and at this point I expect it may be the same for the USA market. In my region more and more Nissan dealerships have dropped their Leaf certification and I can not see them picking up the Ariya to compete with EV's in that price range since 40-50% of Nissan dealerships were losing money even before the Covid-19 Pandemic struck.
That is an ominous sign.. What are of the country are you in? Certainly dropping of Leaf certification will make Aryia investment a tougher sell. I don't see evs going away.

Personally, I think they should have ev'ed the new Rogue. It could have been to market faster, and it has a large base of support. Pricing might have been tricky to , but it would have kept them relevant.
DougWantsALeaf said:
According to this, even S Plus is getting propilot next year.


The NissanUSA website is already showing the 2021 LEAF but it looks exactly the same as the 2020. ProPilot is still optional on the SV. Can't get it on the S. I wonder if the feature is standard in the international model?

LeftieBiker said:
danrjones said:
When did the heat pump become standard on SV? No more weather package.

If that happened, it was for the '21 model year. Our 2020 SV+ has the AW Package.

The Nissan build and price tool does not have the weather package for the 2021. And that spec sheet seems to show the hybrid heater standard for SV and SL and not available for S trim.
A dealer about 50 km away got a 2021. They have a 2020 SV they just put on sale.

There are about 60 2020’s still for sale in the province. Last year this time there were no leftover 2019’s left.

There are over 2020 Chevy bolts left...and 9 2019’s. Those 2019’s have been for sale for the last two months with no takers. Not a good sign for Chevy.