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Part For Sale


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Sep 6, 2019
Hartland, MI
I brought this home today, 2022 SV plus. I have plans for the battery, most all of the propulsion system and controls.

The doors and rearward are good and all the glass is fine. The drivers front door window frame is a little tweaked outwards, the unbelted driver hit the window padded by the curtain airbag, saving their head and the glass, woo! The door can probably be re-adjusted, but the driver may never learn to wear a seatbelt.

Passenger side curtain, front seat and rear seat airbags were not deployed. (Everything else went off including the passenger front and knee bolster)
Color is Gun Metallic Gray KAD.

Wheels and tires are available, if you have a set of steel wheels with any condition tires, as part of exchange. The tires are good until winter, ~1/3 tread, maybe that's what happened here.

Here are pictures from the salvage auction, and after picking up today.
This album will have pictures of any particular parts for sale (until they're gone).

Front exterior parts still serviceable or good: hood front seal trim rubber, hood prop rod, left fender a-pillar closeout trim, main lower fascia tray (gone), main bumper beam.

Interior parts gone: right rear shock trim panel cover, driver front door body side seal, shifter bezel

Location is Hartland, MI, north of Ann Arbor, east of Lansing.

As any parts are taken, I'll update here.
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Hi Daklein,

I am interested in an interior part. The passenger side strut mask/cover in the trunk area.

How was the purchase experience? I have thought of insurance auctions, but have been put off by the process.
Pretty easy really. Salvage titled vehicles may or may not be available to the public (this one one was), otherwise need to buy/bid through a broker. Either way, send payment with bank wire transfer to auction or the broker. This is my second IAA vehicle.
Watch some youtube: Samcrac, LegitStreetCars, Rich Rebuilds, vehcor
Careful not to get something that has been to auction before, best is IAA where the seller is an insurance company.
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Yeah, if I were buying it would be for a parts vehicle so salvage title is no problem for me at my end. I may buy and disassemble, I have a semi trailer I can store the whole car in piece by piece or in one lump.
Thanks for the report on the process
Put the 12v on a charger all day while I made room in the garage. Then cleared some codes with Leafspy, and it drove into the garage. Little did it know what's coming next... I've started taking the front apart, and I'll put on an old straight left lower control arm so I can bomb around the yard with it. :p (in other words, park it out of sight...)
Next day, removed the locking lug nut on LF wheel, swapped in an old control arm. Still need to 'debride' the right front corner, some bits rubbing if turning the wheel much.
Amazing there are still front end parts that someone might want. (hood front seal trim rubber, hood prop rod, left fender a-pillar closeout trim, main lower fascia tray, main bumper beam) I might see how the tail lights do on ebay. Anyone want the 17" wheels for a reasonable price, if I can have your steel wheels & tires to roll the car around?

I drove it up the road and back, Wow! 160kw is so much more than 80kw! I'm tempted for a minute to make a Grind Hard Plumbing Co Leaf.

Here are pictures of tearing it down.
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Would you be interested in sending the VSP module half way around the world for me to examine and compare against a MY2018? I'd love to further investigate silencing the new model...
That thing is certainly rebuildable if you know any wholesale body shops. Parting out a car is profitable but takes a lot of time and patience. Still have parts from cars bought 5 and 10 years ago.
That thing is certainly rebuildable if you know any wholesale body shops. Parting out a car is profitable but takes a lot of time and patience. Still have parts from cars bought 5 and 10 years ago.
Maybe yes. Not so sure, the front subframe and front extensions of the unibody are shifted to the psg side about 6 inches. Spot welds on the unibody at the base of the A pillar are torn. Maybe get a rear crashed one with a good front end and cut them down the rearward of the firewall. Or put this back end on the other car, if none or few of it's airbags went off.
Saw this on craigslist. Super interested in the back hatch and rear bumper. Near Philadelphia so a good drive away. Name a price and I'll consider making the trip. I can carefully and respectfully pull the parts if desired.
Also is that an SV model? Might also be interested in the dash screen, HVAC controls, heated seats.
Some items on ebay so far, what I've started pulling off. Really happy to sell anything direct also, let me know. Got the other three wheel locks off, so I'm happy to trade wheels, just need something else round for now!

Nissan Rogue, 2018-2022 Nissan Leaf Right Passenger Fog Light 26150-8995a Valeo
Nissan Leaf OEM Emergency Spare Tire Air Compressor Inflator
Nissan Leaf Front Fender Insulator 63821 Left drivers side door closeout panel
Nissan Leaf Front Fender Insulator 63820 Right passenger door closeout panel
Nissan Leaf Fender Liner Extensions 63844, 63845 Front tire Air Dam Spat
Nissan Leaf 2022 front rubber hood seal, left and right pair
Nissan Leaf 2022 Fender Liner Right Passenger 63842-6WK0A
2022 Nissan Leaf upper rear Protector panel Right - 78876-5SA0A
2022 Nissan Leaf upper rear Protector panel left - 78877-5SA0A
2022 Nissan Leaf tail light wire harness rear - 26551-5SK0A
2022 Nissan Leaf tail light housing - Right passenger side - 26550-5SA1A
2022 Nissan Leaf tail light housing - Left drivers side - 26555-5SA1A
2022 Nissan Leaf hood safety catch 65670-5UR0A
2022 Nissan Leaf hood release cable 65620-3NF0A
2022 Nissan Leaf Hood Prop Rod 65771-5SK0A
2022 Nissan Leaf Hood Latch 65601-3NF0B
2022 Nissan Leaf front mud flap - Right Passenger side 63854-5SA
2022 Nissan Leaf front mud flap - Left driver side 63855-5SA
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Hello im interested in the part below, just the red bezel part, i just got my leaf and it had this ugly red one on there, i want a stock one back

thanks, i would need it shipped if your willing to do that


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Good evening, I am interested in seeing if the driver's side front door seal weatherstrip (the one that attaches to the body, not the door) is good, and what you would want for it. Thank you.