2022 SV Plus stuck charging door

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Mar 19, 2022
I have a 2022 SV Plus stuck charging door. Tried the dash button, tried pressing HOLD on the remote. The lights on the dash show and the relay clicks, but the door remains stuck.

According to Nissan's manual and bad diagrams, there should be a release I can use a screwdriver to manually open the charging door with, but I cannot find that release point.

I took pictures the area under the hood, both just above the charging door and then the bay beyond it, but cannot seem to post them here.

Does anyone have a picture/video and/or URL where they can point to the exact spot on their 2022 SV [Plus] I should be looking at? There are videos showing older (2019) models with people removing the shroud/plastic across the front of the hood near the charging area and then using your arm to reach, but I don't want to need to do that.

Thank you.