2023 Leaf intermittent power lock out

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Nov 27, 2022
I am having an intermittent problem. I come out in the morning to a fully charged battery and when I press the Start button I get a red error message saying "no power, service EV system" or words to that effect.

Let it sit, and it will start later.

Dealer changed the 12v battery, said it was shot. Car is 10 months old, 17 k miles. Only charge on level II.

1 week later, same problem. Put a charger on the 12v, came to full in 10 mins at 10 amps, so not the 12v battery methinks.

I rebooted the start switch several times, no joy.

Next day it started up fine.

Anyone experiencing this?

Welcome. If you are leaving the car plugged in after charging is done, for hours at a time, and frequently, that is killing the 12 volt battery. It's poor designing, but it's a known issue.
I am having the exact same issue, Nissan just replaced the Traction Inverter. The car ran great for 2 days and on the 3rd morning it didn’t start and I got the error no power warning. By the time the tow truck came it did start. It’s been at Nissan for 5 days, they cleared the error codes. Car starts intermittently.
I’m really concerned that I have a lemon, it only has 15000 miles. Nissan can’t figure out what’s wrong and I don’t want to have an unreliable car