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Apr 15, 2024
My First Road Trip !
Left from Glens Falls NY friday at 5:30 am heading north on rt 87, 99% charge. 54 F.
Made it to Plattsburgh NY at 8:30 am with 28%. 4.7 kw/M! Much better than I thought it would get. Batt temp 89 F.
114 miles through Adirondack mountains, I 'glided' as much as I could on the downhills. Kept my speed to 55 mph on the uphills.
Stopped at the local dealer and asked to dcfc to make it to Montreal (65 miles away). 45 minutes later with 75% and many thanks for the generous dealer I was on my way. Batt temp was up to 103 after the dcfc (!!).
Highest I have seen. It cooled off to 100 f. after about 20 miles at 65 mph ( much flatter road ). The highway to Montreal is nice and flat the rest of the way, arrived with 30%. Some city driving ensued, saw several Gen 1's and a couple of Gen 2's. LOTS of on street charging. $1 an hour. Next morning snagged a nearby j1772 plug and juiced up to 80%. did some more running around, impressed my sisters with the 'normalcy' of EV's. Left for home that afternoon, visited the same dealer and charged to 90%. Battery didn't heat up as much this time. Made it through the mountains to Glens Falls in time for dinner. 18% left.
Can't say I'm doing this again anytime soon but it was a neat adventure!
For all EVs in general, it gets better as more QC charging is available. Right now, Gas vehicles have the benefit of gas stations being everywhere, so you don't need to worry about the total range, just the range to make it to a gas station when it gets low. EVs will get to this point soon enough, where instead of trying to sweat out all the miles, you just need enough to find the QC station before continuing onward on your trip.

There are still places in the USA where gas stations are so far apart, the state puts "warning" signs on the road like "next gas station 200 miles" or similar since the gas vehicle culture doesn't think in the "total miles left" like we do with EVs now. :unsure: