Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

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We also have 2 x 10-years old Leafs in our household.
Had the Lizard Battery replacement a few years ago...
Currently, one of the Leafs only have one bar loss, while the other is at a 2 bar loss on the replacement batteries.

I didn't realize this thread existed until user 91040 provided the link. Thanks!

Stanton said:
Almost 10 years in (original owner) but haven't even hit 90k miles yet, which is why I replaced/upgraded my battery pack (see sig). I'm getting ready to "pull the plug" on my TCU and go OVMS (which will eventually get me a 4G modem). I replaced the original (lead acid) 12v battery with a Lithium over 5 years ago (also see sig). I've been lucky with almost no maintenance except new tires; thinking about a reduction gear oil change.
I love this car!
i'm @ 94K mi on '11. my passenger seat sensor also failed so i bought a bypass cable which seems to work as advertised. my replacement battery has lost 1 bar per sig.

dhanson865 said:
2012 Leaf 2nd owner, the blue one has 104k miles 6 bars and B1018 Code - Passenger Seat sensor failed.
2012 Leaf 2nd owner, the silver one got fresh pack in 2017 so it's going strong but not on the original pack.

No cheap fixes for the blue car so I'll be looking to replace it soon.
11 years old. 199k miles. 2nd traction battery at 10 Capacity bars with around 16kWh usable energy. No repairs over the past year.

I never gave it a name. “Energizer Bunny “ would be apt.

91040 said:
Nothing new to report other than it is now over 10 years and 188k miles covered since getting the LEAF. Still am at 2 capacity bars down.
So it goes.

91040 said:
9 years now, with 186k miles. 2 capacity bars down. It has hardly been driven since mid-March, due to a small piece of RNA. Struts are still fine.

91040 said:
8 years at the beginning of this month and still at it. Lost the first capacity bar with the new battery in July. Now at 173k miles. No new maintenance.