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Mar 27, 2024
metropolitan Atlanta, USA
Hello, all! I have lurked in this forum before but now I need to introduce myself (and, more importantly, our Leaf) and ask for help.

My husband's beloved 2017 Leaf SL currently has seven bars on its original battery. After several months of the dealer we took it to doing nothing, we finally got serious about the battery warranty claim process, only to get our buyback letter yesterday. Selling back Black Lion* is not our preference by any means -- we have two near-teenagers in the house and he would be a perfect car for them to learn to drive in. If we do have no chance of getting a replacement battery for him, we need to figure out what our next steps are, including what we could expect in a buyback letter (he's taken some body damage and interior stains over the years) and what would replace him. But I'm hoping someone here has figured out how to convince Nissan to give up a replacement battery.

Thank y'all so much in advance!

* yes, my husband named him after the Voltron lion, that's how beloved he is. Black Lion was a birthday present. There was one black Leaf in the entire metro Atlanta area at the time -- Georgia Power was running a rebate that was about to expire -- and I found it.
Well, I think you have options, you may not like those options but can weigh them for yourself.
1, turn down the buy back and say you want it fixed, see what they say.
2, run it like it is, knowing it has reduced range, and wait, hopefully for Nissan to replace the one in their now.
3, look into having a used/rebuilt battery installed at your expense (Green Tec, etc)
4, Look into having a new battery installed from LRN at your expense.