After July 1, 2023 - Nissan is planning on “remanufacturing” 30kWh batteries for 2016 8 bar warranty not 40 kWh new?

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Jan 9, 2023
My 2016 leaf 30 kWh was turned into the dealer late June 2023. It dropped to 8 bars and 66.18 % SOH.

Just talked to the dealer and they have direction from Nissan corporate, Starting July 1, 2023, that instead of waiting 9-12 months for new 40 kWh battery they are going to start replacing them with old battery casings and new / replaced 30 kWh components to help quicken the process.

The lead time supposedly is 2 months instead of the 9-12 months that the 40 kWh was going to be new.

This “remand” (re-manufacturing) is the first I’ve heard of this, but supposedly is common for other replacements of larger car parts.

The 6 other people in line at the dealer who have been waiting 9+ months supposedly will also be shifted to this 30 kWh remanufacturing route.

Does anyone have a Bulletin number or official memo or notice about this change ?
I'd contact Nissan Customer Care and ask them directly, when I did that, they started the buyback process for our 2016 SV without me even asking.
Old article but I wonder if the same remanufacturing plant in Japan is now doing the 30 kWh batteries
I can't guarantee it, but this sounds like dealership nonsense. People have been told all kinds of Bizarre things by dealerships over the years, and few of them have proven to be true. Even if they were to do this, I'm fairly sure that at least you would be getting the new, much improved battery chemistry, not the terrible 'recipe' used in the original 30kwh cells.
I did just ask if there was a bulletin yet but he said it was just corporate word of mouth …