Android head unit for ZE01?

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Mar 15, 2023
Hi, I saw from Dala videos that he has some aftermarket android unit in his Leaf. Just wondering if anyone has tried this with some success? Ebay is full of options that apparently fit the ZE01 Leaf, I have a 2018 model and i'm keen on trying it, as for around 100-150€ it should be possible to get a nice unit.

I did this in my previous car which was the Subaru Forester and it worked flawlessly, however this car was way simpler.

Any thoughts?
Depends on your trim level, if you have the lower trim (climate controls with round knobs instead of the bowtie-shaped button panel) you can install pretty much anything, and a company called Unavi makes one that looks like the higher spec head unit. However replacing the higher spec head unit is not really feasible due to the amount of features and controls linked to it.
Hm, I have prettly low trim level, actually not sure exactly which one as I bought it second hand and there was nowhere this information. But I don't have ProPilot or heated seats/steering wheeel, etc. For me it seems pretty basic trim. But, I do have the bowtie shaped button panel. So probably I have the most basic trim that has this kind of dashboard.

So, I basically have no upgrade options?
I follow, because I also have the version with the two wheels without the square buttons (ver ZE1 2017 before 2019) ... and I would like to switch to a version without the compatibility problems described in the tread "HOW-TO: 2018 Leaf ZE1 OEM headunit replacement (7" -> 8")"
To be clear, I would like to know how to replace the version with the "red NO" in the image



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