Any reviews or experience reports on the Unavi head unit?

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New member
May 3, 2024
Portland, OR
I just purchased a 2018 Leaf S and it has the stock non-nav radio. I've been researching head unit replacement options for a couple days now and it seems like a standard after-market unit might be more hassle than it's worth. I've also seen the various guides on installing stock nav-enabed head units from later models, but the cost for either option ends up being around the same or more as the Unavi solution. Their head unit claims to be a hassle-free plug-n-play installation with full support for the typically problematic components (steering wheel controls, rear-view camera, etc). However, I haven't been able to find any promising reviews of Unavi's head unit (outside of their website), and I'm looking to validate whether this thing is worth the (currently) $400 at which it's listed. Has anyone had experience with this device? Is there anything I should know before purchasing one? Alternatively, am I missing any information about other possible solutions that may be cheaper?