Arizona Nissan LEAF meeting 8/24/2013 75K sold, bat options

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Dec 21, 2010
Chandler Arizona
We just were fortunate to have a follow up meeting with Nissan this week. They meet with a select group of about 10 LEAF owners about the Arizona extreme heat and batteries. This was a follow up from the meeting we back on Elvis's Birthday Jan 8th. Since Nissan is in Nashville Tennessee near Memphis this was a perfect date, LOL.

I congratulated them on selling over 70,000 LEAF vehicles world wide. They updated us that it is now over 75,000 / go Nissan! They also keep making improvements and sales are so good they can hardly keep up. They have sold more EV's that any company in history!

Since there has been concern over the extreme heat and battery life they have been working on this issue a lot. They will soon be announcing details on a new battery leasing program. This can help any exiting owners who have concerns about the battery life. It can also encourage any potential new drivers with a lower vehicles cost and assurance of the battery life.

They also are testing a new Extreme Heat battery , the Billy Battery for areas just like Arizona and any Southern states that get temperatures at the extreme high that can affect battery life and capacity. Some vehicles that have lost 70% and are down below 9 BARS may get this new battery. More details will be released after they finish testing. This may also help them as they move into markets in the middle East that have extreme heat!

Software update- The new software update in the 2013 and being updated to all 2011 and 2012 LEAF vehicles seems to be very accurate. It one of the improvements they promised back in JAN and seems to be right on target. The new 2013 LEAF also has a few other items mentioned in JAN like not having to acknowledge the data gathering on each start up, Keeping ECO mode on if it was on when the vehicle was turned off and other efficiency improvement for 2013 models.

Their official details will be released soon. I am very impressed and can't wait to see what they have coming out in 2014 and beyond. No other automaker has provided the amount of vehicles at an affordable price as Nissan. They seems to be the only real automaker in this area of the market. One other automaker is in the Luxury high dollar area but that may change as the Infinity comes out to move them into the high end and other automaker may try to move into the every day vehicle market in the next few years. It's an exciting race and we all win.

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Thanks jstack6, it's all good news, and I understand the priority to get heat-tolerant batteries for the many who live "south". Nissan has really earned their success IMO by their obvious attention to detail that I observe each day as I drive my Leaf. Every time I get going, I think to myself, "what an awesome car this would be if it only had a 200 mile battery". Maybe someday...
Appreciate the update, buy why a separate thread instead of reporting it here where it has already been reported quite a bit:" onclick=";return false;

I didn't see the original topic and this was just a very local Phoenix area meeting and not a general battery warranty information session. As far as I understood the Hot area battery would not be standard for all new LEAF vehicles. Only for a very few with extreme heat issues in the Phoenix areas.

Maybe when they release full details I may have misunderstood but that was the feeling I thought they had given us. Until they release the full details I don't want to confuse the whole country.