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Saw this in my FB feed tonight:
Woman seriously injured after being struck by Cruise autonomous car in San Francisco: officials has more info, thanks to a post on "TMC".
California DMV suspends Cruise’s self-driving car permits, effective immediately

"The DMV’s decision does not affect Cruise’s permit for testing with a safety driver, according to the department."
I've recently acquired a Model Y and have 3 months of Full Self Drive Beta. After several attempts to use it fully, I realized that (for me), it was not safe to use in a number of fairly common situations. It does a great job holding centered lanes - much better than ProPilot. It's "visualization" of the driving path is amazing. However, this visualization did not extend far enough out to recognize things like pulling out into a high speed traffic situation - very scary and had to take over and essentially floor it to keep from being rear-ended. Maybe it's just my rather conservative driving. Another situation was pulling out at a flashing red light (not a red/green light situation) into a high speed intersection that does not stop - had to slam on brakes to prevent from being hit.

Once I learned the major issues, I was able to use it for convenience as it does an amazing job in most situations, but would never let it fully navigate to a destination - as it advertises it is capable of. Yes, one must always be aware and ready, but when passengers gasp and say "turn it off!!", IMO, it's just not ready yet.

There are many accounts of using FSD on the Tesla Motor Club site, including my full account of a number of "quirks" that many have also experienced.
After using FSD locally for 8 months I needed to do a fast 1600 mile round trip to Austin TX recently. Going out made me an FSD believer. On the return I just told it to navigate to home and engaged FSD in the parking lot and it got me to the interstate picked up all the charger stops and did all the routing and driving. I did take over at some detours for road construction with squirrely markings.

That was my first cross country road trip in 15 years by myself. FSD drives better than I do at 72.
Cruise pauses all driverless operations after collisions with pedestrians, permit suspensions in California

"Cruise will keep running its autonomous vehicles with human safety drivers behind the wheel, supervising the drives, the company also said on Thursday."
Why San Francisco’s robotaxi rollout has been such a mess
Cruise confirms robotaxis rely on human assistance every four to five miles
After having used FSD for the last 8 months locally and recently doing a fast 1600 mile round trip to Austin TX I think Elon Musk took the correct path to autonomous driving. In Austin I said Navigate to Home put it in D then engaged FSD. It managed the route and charging needs and driving for the next 800 miles. I had to take over a few times in poorly marked construction zones. I don't yet have the AI version 12 of FSD.
Cruise co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt resigns, GM execs take over