Battery capacity indicator has just started to drop. Should I be concerned?

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Wow, you can't catch a break!

No :poop:!

The wording of the error message suggests that maybe Leaf Spy Lite simply needs to be recompiled and re-uploaded: it was last updated in 2019, while Leaf Spy Pro was last updated only a few months ago.

At any rate, knowing that both your own experience and the Google Play Store tell me that Leaf Spy Pro should work are enough to eventually go on, even if the Leaf Spy Lite incompatibility issue never does get resolved. After all, the combination of Pro and the $30 OBDII adapter that was suggested in this thread adds up to no more than my typical donation to charities that have 4-star CN ratings and reasonable fundraising efficiency, and aren't overfunded.

But between setting up my Spring vacation, and pursuing a Lenten discipline involving lots and lots of charities, I currently have no disposable income at the moment.