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Mar 16, 2024
I thought this was cool tech - had to go to the Dallas County Tax Office to sort an issue with my car's tags and this charger was in the parking lot. It's made by a company called Beam Mobile, and it's an off-grid, stand-alone 100% solar car charger. Their slogan is Drive on Sunshine. I did a little reading and it's their EV Arc model which tracks the Sun during the day to charge its onboard battery. Per their specs, it can generate enough electricity to provide up to 265 mi of range per day.

I plugged in and got a free Level 2 charge at 6 kW, which added about 22 miles of range to my Leaf while I was waiting. Yes, compared to a grid connected charger it has limitations, but what a great piece of engineering.


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Another good example of why EVs can provide a much further reach than the gas counterparts. It's easy to live in a city with the convenience that comes with, gas trucks delivering everyday, etc. But, there are plenty rural areas around the world that could benefit from an EV that only needs to Sun to keep it going, no drilling, no refineries, no truck transport, etc. Being a L2 connection, would work with any modern EV today.