Blink EVSE servers shut down?

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Jul 31, 2010
Foster City, CA
I don't use my Blink EVSE all that much these days so I keep it powered down. However I still have it installed and will power it up when a guest needs a charge. I am not sure when the last time I powered it up was, but it no longer seems to be able to connect to the Blink EVSE servers now. Curious if anyone's Blink EVSE still does.

I have also noticed I can no longer login successfully with my credentials on the Blink EVSE website with an error of "Sorry but you do not have access to this page. Please contact your administrator for more information." I am not going to bother trying to reach out to Blink about fixing the login if the Blink EVSE servers are shutdown as the only reason I would login is to grab the Blink EVSE energy use history.
It could be that Blink deleted your account due to inactivity.
I've been seeing that happen to me a lot lately with my old (i.e., less than a year old) online retail accounts now that the holidays are here and I'm shopping more.

Try registering for a new Blink account.