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Hungry Hedgehog

New member
May 29, 2024
I have a 2018 Leaf. I have the temperature control set to 16 but it feels like 21. It’s been to the dealer twice who say its fine, but they've only checked the function of the heater and the A/C.
I noticed today that the courtesy car they've given me is the same. Am I alone in thinking the temperature control is pants?
I saw a post that suggested it could be related to outside air temperature, but surely the system should reference inside air temperature to control the inside temperature (statement of the bleeding obvious surely!).
Any thoughts from the hive mind?
Well, I guess I have a different prospective. I lived with many vehicle and presently own 3 that only have a coolant shut off valve to turn the heat on or off (open heat closed no heat), and the one with A/C also, you have to toggle the a/c on and off to get the temp you want.
SO having to set the dial lower than you think you should, doesn't sound like too much of an ask.
I don't know where Nissan sense the cabin temp, but I find mine comfortable at keeping the temp fairly constant. As far as the numbers, I don't look at them, If I find it too hot I toggle cooler, too cool toggle warmer.
The Leaf has a "Sun Load Temperature Sensor" on top of the dash, in addition to a cabin air temperature sensor.

In my 2020 SV+, they seem to "fight over the thermostat" like teenagers. Depending on the sun hitting the dash, the cabin can be cooler or warmer.
I park in a garage and on nights the car cools to 68-72F, I start driving and it's 78+F outside and so I turn on the AC to 76-77 and what happens? The heat comes on. I know it uses the data that it has, but this is pretty annoying and wasteful when I don't notice it until I feel warm air blowing.
You are not alone. For my 2018, setting the temperature to say 70F for heat, doesn't seem to have the desired effect. Same with using the AC. I have not used the "auto" setting to any significant extent, maybe it will work with that mode.

When i use heat, and turn the temp down to 65, it'll still put out heat despite the cabin being nice and toasty (its basically the same, but opposite, response when i use AC in summer). Looking at the energy usage for climate control via Leafspy, it does seem to turn the heat output down but never enough to get the cabin to desired temp. I find myself frequently turning the fan down to compensate.
Thanks all. The dealer had the car in for checking yesterday. They compared it with another Leaf and they both exhibited the same behaviour. In the meantime, they gave me a Leaf courtesy car and I also confirmed the behaviour on that. So it’s not a fault but a design “feature”.
They were good enough not to charge me for the visit.
I’ll now raise it with Nissan UK