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Has anybody come up with a donut spare that has been confirmed to fit? The 5 lug bolt pattern for recent Nissan's are all the same, but the offset and rim diameters change between model.
Also the donut rims sizes seam to be one smaller than the normal rim size (I.E a 18" Rouge will have a 17" donut) due to the low profile tires in use today, and the spare not being low profile.
Guessing a 16" donut on a Nissan rim will likely fit in place of a 17" rim on a Leaf, but offset will be the key. Anybody have one they tried?

This won't be very helpful, but Yes there is a donut spare with the exact bolt circle of the Leaf. Take a professional wheel-bolt pattern gauge to the junkyard (or borrow theirs) to make sure it perfectly matches your wheel. They sold me a Goodyear lightweight spare for $10 and a shiny new Nissan scissors jack for another $10.

Tried them, worked perfectly. Offset was fine, but definitely make sure the spare's wheel doesn't touch the brake caliper. It came from a large rack of donuts with no way to tell what make and model of car it was from. The outside diameter of the donut is slightly smaller than the regular tire, most donuts are.

Before that, I looked for a used Leaf wheel. There were none to be found.
Nissan and many, many others uses a 5x 114.3 (5x 4 1/2") bolt pattern. Nissan uses 4, 5, and 6 bolt wheels. Bolt pattern is not the problem, I have read that off set can be a problem esp in 16" wheels, they can hit the caliper.
So any 5x114.3 will line up in terms of bolt pattern. I'm fairly sure any 17" and larger will clear, but larger than 17" may cause other problems. 16" would be the right diameter as long as it will clear the caliper.
You don't want a large difference in "rolling diameter" even for brief "spare" use. Ideally you want the same rolling diameter as the original.