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Apr 22, 2010
Seattle, WA
I see mats from Lloyds which can be custom made for Leaf.

Available through Amazon ...


I don't think the image shows Leaf's ...

I have them in my Leaf now, originally bought it for another car, but they can be cut easily to fit any configuration. They are ok, but not great. For $20 more you can get Leaf OEM mats that are much better.
In person, lloyds mats look like they were cut out of packaging material, not nearly as nice as a custom molded product to my eyes.
I've oem mats - but would like all weather mats too or something like this.

Lloyd® Clear Protector Overlays. Protector Mats are made from 100% vinyl with "skid free" surface. They take on the original color of your carpeting and protect it from moisture and dirt. All Protector Mats are custom cut to fit your specific year, make and model.
My wife made something like those quite cheaply for her car using material from Home Depot. The problem is that muddy rain glop from your shoes migrates to the edge of the mat and ends up a large mark on the carpet underneath. Deeply ribbed mats have worked better for me.
I got the Lloyd's Ultimat floor mats for my 2012 white Leaf. Four mats were $125. They're about 13mm (1/2") thick, and the edges are nicely banded. The backing is heavy and "sticky" enough that I don't think they will move around. The driver side holes for the floor hooks were perfectly placed and reinforced with metal washers. I like the mats, but perhaps a different color would match better. Here are pics of the "Smoke" color: