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May 4, 2024
After some research it seems like there is no easy way to disable auto folding mirrors on my ZE1, 2018 JDM leaf. Every startup and shutdown of the car, they fold or unfold. I don't want this to happen....

I found that some other markets have the ability to disable/enable this via keyfob presses - does not apply to JDM it seems.

There does not appear to be a fuse that is specific to the folding, so pulling a fuse would disable all mirror functionality (heating, maybe indicator light, motorized adjustment, maybe the 360deg cameras)

Leafspy does not have any relevant options.

So, after finding some threads about squeaking / creaking mirrors when they fold (especially in cold climates) I found that lubricating the internal parts of the mirror was often advised. Then comes the "a-ha" moment - I pulled the covers off my mirrors and found a handy plug for the fold motor and unplugged it.

Of course this means I also lose the ability to fold them with the door switch, but to be honest for me personally the gain from them not auto folding every time compared to the loss of folding mirrors which i have rarely had on past cars, and even more rarely used when available, makes this a viable option for me. They can of course be hand folded if needed, this won't break the motor or anything, it's designed with this in mind. If/when i sell the car in future I will just plug them back in, and I left a label on the motor plug on the inside of the mirror saying "motors work fine, unplugged for preference" in case i forget.

If anyone else wants to do this, be aware that like most plastic bits, removing the mirror covers has the risk that you snap a plastic clip or two and end up using a few spots of glue to fix it.... don't ask me how i know :)

EDIT - a few days later, tried to use auto park and got an error "unavailable because mirrors folded" or similar - the driver's door switch was in the "folded" position. Obviously the switch has no effect on the mirrors now, but the car knew it was pressed and I didn't notice because - the mirrors now stay out.
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