Do any 2013-2017 front end chassis parts fit the 2012?

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Mar 3, 2016
Ancient 2012 owner here, dealing with using my leaf as my teenager's learning car. The lesson this time involved a concrete wall in a parking structure. Sooo, my bumper inner support (the square profile aluminum tube hiding underneath the swoopy plastic front bumper) crushed on one end, and the support piece behind it also collapsed some (as it is supposed to do). There's damage to the plastic bumper part, but I've done some plastic welding and made that serviceable. Actually worked pretty well (if not pretty ...). Off to various online OEM part vendors, it'll be $300ish (what I expected - I've actually replaced that inner support before). But low and behold, order cancelled: parts no longer available. Oh. Right. Car > 10 years old, Nissan is no longer required to stock parts.
So, long story short, I need:
62032-3NA0A "REINFORCE - FRONT BUMPER CENTER, INNER" - the carefully bent aluminum tube
75114-3NA0A "MEMBER ASSY-FRONT SIDE FRONT.RH" - the support bracket behind that on the right

From the various parts exploded views, it looks to me like the 2013-2017 frontend frame and bumper interior is the same: that the parts 62032-3NF0A and G5114-3NFMA would actually fit. Anyone with experience fixing crashed Leafs regarding year-to-year part fitment?
I'm willing to drill extras holes, but not major welding mods. 😆