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DaveinOlyWA said:
cwerdna said:
Musk to Tesla and SpaceX workers: Be in the office 40 hours a week or quit
Musk memo: "If you don't show up, we will assume you have resigned."

My guess?

8-12% will not show up ;)

People do well when they think they have "some" control over their lives. Ultimatums rarely succeed and this one won't. Although I predict some will resign, the greatest likelihood is Musk will simply change his tune like he changes his shirts along with most other things he does,

Might be higher than 12% in some areas. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.autoblog.com/amp/2022/06/02/elon-musk-tesla-return-to-office-german-union/

Managers that don't like WFH are the worst kinds of managers, IMO. Here's why, if a manager manages the way that good managers should be managing (manage the position, not the person) then they should be able to tell if "Bob" is getting the work done. Instead, many managers can't manage to save their lives so they have to create this space that makes employees think that they're being "watched". I honestly think that managers just like the idea of servitude and don't really care about what's best for the company. Of course, this isn't all managers, but more than it should be.

Some of the best managers that I've worked for, if the work was getting done they didn't care how it was getting done. Meet expectations and let the work speak for itself. If the productivity isn't there, then yes, you must come in to the office. Not sure why it's a big deal to force people to spend money to go into the office if work can be done from home.
Elon Musk backtracks on job cuts, says Tesla salaried staff to be 'fairly flat'
Elon Musk’s plan is to run Twitter off the top of his head
And after a long-awaited Q&A, employees say they’re skeptical about the future

Here’s what Elon Musk just told Twitter employees

Elon Musk had a bad week

SpaceX fires at least 5 employees over internal letter criticizing CEO Elon Musk
Someone elsewhere posted https://twitter.com/oneunderscore__/status/1544818589512994818?s=20
"Elon Musk had secret twins last year with one of his top executives, Business Insider reports."

Elon Musk and Top Executive Shivon Zilis Had Twins Last November

Non-paywalled link at https://archive.ph/JBT2w.

Brief comment at https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/elon-musk.1830/page-242#post-6859898.
Many companies have too many office workers perhaps. He is just trying hire more factory workers so it's not like he's cutting employee head count.

Sounds like some have no company building experience.
Musk filed to back out of Twitter deal.

Lawsuits expected, of course.

Twitter says Musk’s request to terminate the deal is invalid
Elon Musk sells 7.92 million Tesla shares worth $6.88 billion
cwerdna said:
Elon Musk sells 7.92 million Tesla shares worth $6.88 billion

SpaceX is raising capital.
Elon Musk blasts the work-from-home crowd, saying they are 'detached from reality'
I hope that SpaceX now has enough Expertise to continue when Musk goes completely "round the bend"...
I'm mostly a fan simply because of his disruption to the automobile industry.

I ignore the politics, for the most part. I am far more intrigued with the advances in engineering worldwide as a result of Tesla.