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Jun 3, 2011
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I couldn't find a general European EV/PHEV thread so here goes... Discuss. :)

Europe: Honda To Pay Tesla For CO2 Emission Pooling
The Japanese manufacturer will join the Tesla/FCA pool because it did not sell enough electrified cars.

Honda has decided to join FCA - Tesla's CO2 pooling arrangement, which means an additional earning opportunity for Tesla.

VW Braces For CO2 Fines Despite Releasing ID.3 Before It Was Fully Ready - this would seem to be the reason for it being a sorry state at release time

Several Automakers Lag Behind CO2 Emission Requirements In EU
Interesting, Bloomberg Surveillance is covering Greece, EVs and VW right now. There was mention of investments by others like Microsoft.

From a bit of digging, I found the below from November:
VW Wants to Turn a Greek Island into an Electric-Car Utopia
The island of Astypalea will replace its gasoline-powered vehicles with EVs and mobility services.

Despite COVID-19, Greece makes strides on high tech ambitions - has a mention of VW and Microsoft.
Stellantis passes Tesla, challenges VW for Europe EV lead
Carlos Tavares has set his sights on being the No. 1 after a strong first half.
In the first half, Stellantis sold 105,413 full-electric cars in Europe, just behind VW Group, which sold 116,307, and ahead of Tesla, which recorded 78,277 sales, according to figures from data provider Dataforce.

The figures include registrations in EU countries plus the UK, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. Data from Portugal, Sweden and Finland were not available.

Stellantis’ push in Europe was led by the Fiat New 500 small hatchback, which was the best-selling full-electric car in Western Europe in the second quarter, according to analyst Matthias Schmidt. It was the first time that honor did not go to a Tesla model since the last quarter of 2020, Schmidt said.

The New 500 was the best-selling full-electric car in Italy and Germany in the second quarter, Tavares told investors. Another key Stellantis electric model was the Peugeot e-208 small car, which took the top EV spot in France in the same period, he said.
Netherlands: Skoda Enyaq iV Tops Plug-In Car Sales Chart In July 2022
Battery-electric car sales still increase, despite the overall market being down.

Obviously, Skoda doesn't sell in the US but the Enyaq is related to the VW ID.4.
Volvo remains the most popular plug-in brand in the Netherlands with a 9.6% share in the segment year-to-date. However, Kia is approaching with 9.1%. BMW noted 9.0%, Peugeot 7.6%, while Skoda is fifth at 6.6%.

Among the automotive groups, the ones with the highest number of registrations are the Volkswagen Group (19.9%), Stellantis (18.3%), Geely-Volvo (including Lynk & Co and Polestar) at 15.9%, Hyundai-Kia (13.2%) and BMW Group (10.9%).
"The Volkswagen Group has a demand problem for its all-electric cars in Europe, which soon might affect its main factory in Zwickau, Germany.

According to German media - Handelsblatt and Automobilwoche (via Reuters) - the weakened demand, combined with reduced subsidies, higher inflation, and competition from Tesla and Chinese imports, might translate into a reduction of production and employment."