GCC: J.D. Power: public charging issues may short-circuit EV growth

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I have gotten JD Power's survey within Plugshare many times after having checked in. It shows up as a push notification and since both my Android and iPhone are logged in, I get it in two places.

Usually, my check-ins are on EA sites where I posted an observation (e.g. saw cars successfully charging or spotted a broken plug or station). It asks if I visited there, did I charge there, if not, why not, etc. I answer that I didn't and usually check boxes like "too expensive", "didn't intend to charge there", etc.

I can't think of a single time I've EVER used a CC on any public charging station. Just don't do it. My last semi-extensive use of EA was in Dec 2022 thru early Jan 2023. All paid sessions were started thru their app (not using NFC at all). Many were complimentary session, so it literally was "plug and charge" :) on my '22 Niro EV which doesn't support P & C.
I got the survey push notification again the other night on at least 2 of my phones (iPhone and Android phone) after checking into an EA site on Plugshare w/just a comment (e.g. CCS + CHAdeMO DC FC down, CCS DC FC down, 1 CCS DC FC and J1772 working).

Here's what it looks ilke if you answer you didn't charge. If you did charge, then it'll ask stuff too like your starting and ending SoC % and I think (memory foggy) satisfaction about charging speed, facilities, safety and what improvements you'd like.

I've redacted the location.


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