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Mar 17, 2023
I recently picked up a UK 19 plate (registered Jan 19) 40kW Acenta..
My first EV, and I love it!

Not being able to leave things alone, and given the fact I've always wanted a red Japanese car with white wheels, of course I had to pimp it out!


I kept the stock 16" tyres as although I preer the look of bigger rims, the ride comfort and the economy of the 16s was too good to change..
The stock rims are 16x6.5, 40ET
The new rims are 16x7, 40ET..BUT i've used a 5mm spacer on each wheel to bring the INSODE of the tyre back to original position, and it was also needed to clear the front caliper!

Three things I've realised:
1 - white wheels look cool!
2 - white wheels are a pain to keep clean in winter!
3 - I really need to lower the care 20-30mm all round now!

Any suggestions of a lowering spring kit that will acheive this? the Eiback pro seems to only lower 20mmF/15mmR...