Has anyone tried a front splitter in a Gen 2 for lower drag?

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I made the second version of the air deflectors today.....lower & stiffer than the first take. The rubber is from Amazon 1/8 thick X 4in--so the part is over 50% more area. The bracket at the outer edge uses a stock bumper to underpan bolt. The aluminum is an L-angle bent to the contour & the rubber is glued to it. I did need to use a couple of pop-rivets....but I tried to hide them as much as possible. Will be getting the 62KWh air dam shortly.

IMG_20240523_161333.jpgIMG_20240523_161349.jpgair deflector #2.png
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OK---first non-scientific test drive. 28-mile round trip. 12-mile (both ways) @55mph the rest 45mph with 6 stop lights en route. My previous best was 4.5KWh with light traffic--the average is 4.2 to 4.3. This trip was around the noon hour--70 degrees--moderate traffic. The gauge flipped from 4.7 to 4.6 as I drove up the short hill to our house, so this looks good. All trips are done with "B" & Epedal on. I will be doing the exact trip on Tuesday during light traffic time, so if I need to add more data...tell me what you want (photos, Leafspy data, etc)

I will be tracking this over the next week or so....I do this run with minor variations (only in the last 2 to 5 miles depending on final destination) 3~4 times a week.
This first result makes me think that it is really worth doing.
No problem: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C7SZPKQT?psc=1&ref=product_details It's stiff enough & flexible enough. I cut 15" of material & then trimmed to final size after I determined where the L angle needed to be. The L angles I made were 8" X 3" X 1/8". I used 3M black weatherstrip adhesive & black silicone to bond . 1/8 X 1 1/2" pop rivets with backing washers. The outer brackets were material that I had... approximately 1" X 2" - drilled as required.

The 62KWh spoiler will be here on Wednesday--I'll have it on within a day or so after.

NOTE: the Rubber is 1/8 thick....not 1/4 thick. my bad....... The curvature adds strength to the part.

The way I made them: First I bonded the rubber to the back of the stock deflectors & used 2 pop rivets to set the inside edge. After they dried, I installed the deflectors on the car & set the L angles by eye to the edge of the fender (used a welding Vice-Grip to hold the parts together). Set the curvature of the aluminum by eye. Removed & set the inner pop rivets, then trimmed the rubber to length. Bonded the rubber to the aluminum, then after drying - reinstalled to set the outer bracket. Test fitted to see that everything worked & then final cleanup with silcone to smooth surfaces/add extra bonding.
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3 1/2"---within boundary/ground effect layer. It's far enough back that I don't think it will be hit much & pliant enough to move over speed bumps (I think). I will know more about that soon.

( I drove enough low British cars that I take speed bumps one wheel at a time )

Will be going thru the Costco Parking lot mid-next week...will see if their speed bumps do damage......
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I did another run today...the highway segment went very well--- The run into town was at 4.6 (45 to 55 mph with 6 stops & a roundabout) The deflectors do not hit going over speed bumps. My final average with stop & go in town & the 12.5 mile each way at 45 to 55 was 4.4 KWh.
Got the 62KWh front spoiler today....not a hard install...used the 2 rear bolts to set the position of the spoiler--there are 3 locating pins that need to be drilled first & then 19 push rivet holes. There are 3 areas of 3M tape that need to be applied (clean the underside of the bumper with Carb Cleaner & then apply) & then the 19 holes can be drilled & then set the rivets. Took about 45 minutes from start to finish. (all drilled holes are 5/16--The part came painted the same color as the rear accent, Part # for the Spoiler is 62084-5SN0A & the Push Rivets are 01553-05323)

Very understated addition & did a nice change to the looks. Now to see if that changes the airflow around the front - The 2 "winglets" are at a 45-ish degree angle to the bumper.

I did a last run with just the deflectors today (drove into town to the Nissan dealer) - mostly at 45 to 55mph - round trip turned from 4.5 to 4.4 at the final hill to my home (25 miles).....so I'm calling it 4.5. It will be interesting to see how much the "winglets" change things.


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So is 4.5 an improvement? I would love.to see the difference at mph. Guessing a better pay off at speed.
So far, 4.5 looks like an "average case" for my typical run (better than the 4.3ish prior)....so. it looks like a slight improvement. I have now changed the equation by adding the "winglets' of the 62KWh spoiler...so it will be interesting to see if there is a slight further improvement. I would be REAL happy to see 4.7 to 4.6 average....that would be well worth the investment. (190 for the spoiler + 30 for the plastic rivets + 25 for the rubber mod to the air deflectors---nevermind the time & effort involved).

Note: my modified air deflector did not change in any way the mounting of the 6KWh Spoiler...The bolt on each side that I used for the outer deflector mount is the same one used for the Spoiler rear mount....the bolt has a good length to capture both.

I also suspect that the change is much better at 60MPH+ speed---I will be doing some 50~60 mile one-way runs later in June.
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So it's been a week with the deflectors + 62KWh spoiler.......I can now say my average drive is hovering between 4.5 & 4.6. It's looking like the two are enough to add .2~.3 miles per KWh solidly to the car's range. The mods did not take very long & in the case of the spoiler, added to the car's look. I will be running a solid 40~50 freeway each way later this month, so that should put this to the test.

Assuming 30KWh available to the 40KWh car......it looks like this nets 6 to 9 miles extra range under my average driving pattern.