How Tesla Opening Its Supercharger Network Alters the EV Charging Map

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Oct 15, 2018
I don't see it getting much past 20% of the Tesla network. Just enough to placate lawmakers and give non-Tesla drivers a taste of the good life.
As a former Leaf owner and current Tesla owner I’m a little disappointed. Not so much for opening up the charging stations to other EVs, but the issues with taking up 2 Spots to charge a non Tesla EV.

Tesla charging stations are laid out with minimal spacing between cars. The charging cords are just long enough to reach the charging ports with little slack. Another EV would likely
take up 2 station spots for the cord to reach their cars. I can see future confrontations in the horizon between Tesla owners and other EV owners.

One of the main reasons I went a Tesla was the availability of their great charging network. It’s simple, fast and problem free.

At home I use the hard wired J1772 EVSE I had installed back in 2016 to now charge the Tesla. I did have to buy a J1772 extension cord that adds another 20 feet to the J1772 cord to reach the Tesla port.

Nissan Leaf owners will be left out in the cold with CHAdeMo connectors rather than having CSS. Those Leaf owners who charge 100% at home won’t be affected.

I’m not anti-Leaf. I’ve been searching for a 2019-2020 SL Plus for $25,000 at a dealer that would qualify for the new $4k used EV Tax credit. I would use that car as a 2nd EV local run around town car.
wmcbrine said:
WetEV said:
Perhaps Tesla will now offer CCS models of their cars, like they do in Europe.
After just rebranding their connector the "North American Charging Standard"? Yeah, no.

Either Tesla switches to CCS at some point in the future, or Tesla becomes a monopoly for both charging and vehicles.

Two charging standards is unstable. Eventually there will be one. Which one matters. And not just for how you plug in your car.