HOW-TO: 2018 Leaf ZE1 OEM headunit replacement (7" -> 8")

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I have some news. In my case on the Unit ID Information screen there is no SIM ID filled. So there is some difference in 4G TCU first gen vs second GEN in communication. Could someone else confirm that there is no SIM ID filled ?
Tried two units now, both 25915-5SN0C on a JDM 2018 LEAF with 360 AVM Cameras and Pro-Pilot, and unfortunately no luck getting the units to fully function.

  • Unit 1 - 08/2019 build (unk trim) with firmware 283C32311E
  • Unit 2 - 04/2019 build Tekna trim with firmware 283C39344R

Confirmed wiring correct and Bosch AV unit is getting all signals such as Ignition, PKB, ACC, Reverse etc

Current Issues
  • 360 degree cameras - No response when pressing the camera button or going into reverse.
  • AV clock won't sync with the dash clock
  • HVAC very slow displaying onscreen changes
  • AV unit does not auto dim with headlights
Following DTC errors on both
  • EV/HEV Can Error EVC-279 (EV/HEV is the cars ECU)
  • EV/HEV Can Comm Circuit
  • AVM Can Comm Circuit (possibly incompatible with the JDM AVM module?)
  • Meter Can Comm Circuit (Meter = dash cluster)
Interestingly on the QY Clarion unit, which is actually a UK unit works flawlessly with no codes. I have to set the Camera's as FAP not AVM for them to work.

Unsure what FAP means, maybe related to Pro-Pilot Pilot in which case because you can't set it in the Bosch unit is likely the camera issue. If I set the Clarion unit to AVM they don't function at all.

I think at this point both firmware's are not compatible with the JDM LEAF control modules and dash cluster, and likely the camera setting not being set to FAP.
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Hey, if anyone inside the EU is in interested in this mod, I have my 8" headunit + adapter cable (including the Zelemar unit!) for sale. Sold my Leaf last year.
Fully working (just note the caveats in first post) and ready to go for a Tekna level Leaf (360 cameras, Bose etc.) with no extra configuration needed.

Model number: 25915-5SN0C

Shoot me a DM. Asking for 250€ including postage.

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Hi all

late to the party here but just wondering if someone can do me a favour. Ive tried wiring up the harness and I think my skills leave a lot to be desired but I wonder if anyone is willing to test my 8" unit that I bought to check its working. It was from ebay and although it said working I cant verify it.

Obviously I would be willing to drive to you (south east would be preferable if possible, Im in Hertfordshire).

Also if anyone is better after subsequently at wiring a harness for me I would be willing to pay! I need to get this working so I can sell my leaf and get a half decent amount for it!

Running a 18 plate tekna.