How to disable the Navigation split screen?

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Dec 13, 2023
The left view screen come up automatically before making every turn is very distracting and not helpful. Any option that I can disable this feature? I just need to look at the big main screen. The screen suddenly gets only half size is too small and not helpful.

Thanks for your reply and input!
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I no longer have Leaf and never had a gen 2, but from (came from, page 6-30, looks like you should refer to pages 6-9 and 6-10 to change a left side info setting.

That's just a guess from skimming the manual.
Thank you very much for your info. I read the menu, they don't have that option. I set it to "full map" , but the navigation split the screen automatically every time need to make a turn to remind me. At that moment, it is the right time I need to made judgement when and where to turn, but the screen comes up and minimize the full map display I need, it is a very annoying "smart" feature.