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Jul 19, 2018
I'm on my second Leaf, both used imports from Japan. Current model is a 2018 40kW G purchased 10 months ago at 31,000km. At that time the SOH was 88.10%, but when checked a week ago it was 89.33% at 37,335km. I wasn't surprised by a slight increase during the transition from winter to summer (southern hemisphere), but the increase has continued into autumn (albeit a temperate climate).
Typically these used imports (NZ is awash with them) have been mostly fast charged in Japan. Mine had had 384 QC but only 42 L2. During my tenure it's had 50 L2 from the 230V wall socket and no fast charges. It's charged only every 5-7 days, so very unlikely I'll ever need to fast charge it
It would be interesting to know if others have experienced similar. It's a stark (and gratifying) contrast with the 2013 24kW model, which dropped about 3% per annum.
I've only had my 2019 Leaf SL Plus for a few weeks. When I first checked the car the SOH was 90.5%, I've driven it 3 weeks and the soh is now reading 91.49%. The HX dropped from 78.3 to 76.3 but I have no idea if these fluctuations are normal. My impression was that change happens slowly over time. Perhaps being a new driver to the car and my charging and driving habits are different - the car has recalculated those numbers - just a guess.