Is e-Pedal more energy efficient?

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Sep 12, 2020
I'd understood that the e-Pedal conserves energy by returning the regenerated power to the battery. However my experience has been that on long journeys the range has been as much as 10% greater with the e-Pedal off! This makes no sense to me. Maybe there are other factors at play? Maybe the number of hills on a journey offsets the e-Pedal gain?
I've got used to the different feel with the e-Pedal on, and particularly like using it for urban driving. I like the feel of it and don't like to be switching to and fro!
I'd be really interested to hear other people's experience.
Welcome. e-Pedal is more for convenience in Stop & Go driving than a way to increase efficiency. It also uses the hydraulic brakes. B mode can increase efficiency, but only in low speed "Slow & Go" traffic. It can also help efficiency if you can modulate the accelerator pedal so the car can coast while in B mode. Keep in mind, though, that that is not so easy to do, and also that coasting as much as possible is far more efficient than regenerative braking.