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Jul 25, 2021
This morning I had trouble shifting from park to drive. Then I got a message about a low key battery. Fortunately I was able to use my wife's key.

I opened my key fob and found a CR2025 battery. I took it out and measured 2.92 volts. The replacement battery was 3.2 volts. It came in a pack of two, so I replaced my wife's battery. It was 2.94 volts.

I was surprised to have this problem with a two year old car. It makes me wonder how long these batteries last for other forum members.
I've squeezed CR2032 batteries into my FOBs since I got tired of the batteries failing. 2-3 years seems about average based on my experience.
Same here, a 2032 just barely fits(because it's a bit thicker) but is the same price as a 2025 and has more than twice the capacity(life I've found).
The first time or two it's kind of hard to squeeze the covers back together but after that, it's easy peasy.
You have '21? IIRC, in older Leaf manuals, it says the fob battery is expected to last 2 years.

Update: I see that verbiage on page 3-7 of the '21 manual.
I also seem to recall it being said that if you store your FOB in close proximity to the Leaf it might also prematurely wear down the battery due to it and the Leaf periodically talking to each other.