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Nov 9, 2023
Hi all

I have a 2017 30Kwh leaf, in Europe (Isle of Man, to be exact). Very pleased with it so far, but...

Just recently, one of our two key fobs has been giving the "key not detected" message when getting in the vehicle. The dash then shows a picture of the key being placed near the start button - when I do this, the car always wakes up (with the 'button and brake' picture - then doing this turns everything on).

I assumed this would be an issue with the battery in the fob, and on waking up the dash displays a picture of a fob with a battery under it, with the battery looking to be only 1/3 full. But both fobs, the problematic one, and the one that works perfectly, showed the same picture.

I changed the battery in the fob anyway (CR2025) and.... still get key not detected. And it still wakes up when I put it near the button. But now it doesn't show the key & battery image on the dash. It also doesn't remotely lock or unlock at all, but I never use that feature anyway (car theft is almost unheard of here, so I never lock my vehicles :) )

I'm wondering if there's some sort of pairing (or re-pair) process required between key and fob, but I'm just guessing now

All advice gratefully received!
People have reported problems with the coin batteries not working, and taking several tries with different cells to find one that works in the fob.
Do you have a reference for the reported problems you mentioned? The "keep trying different batteries" explanation defies logic to me.