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Mar 30, 2024
I have recently obtained a 2013 leaf which has plenty of issues to solve but the one I need help with is a hot wire connected between the positive terminal on the battery and the horn.
I guess that the original wire was damaged so the previous owner decided to run a 2.5mm2 solid wire used at home (he used a brown colour so must be a pro DIYer) to connect it.
No fuses, because real men want dangerous life, all on a wire that can transfer 32A 240V at home.

So I need to trace the original wire back and try to reconnect, or I need a new wire that is suitable and fused.
Can I ask where I can find a wiring diagram as I can't see any old cables dangling to trace it back to the fuse box.

Thanks in advance
From the FSM:
Edition: September 2011
Revision: June 2014
Publication No. SM2E-1ZE0U0


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